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Wyatt is our best friend, professional snuggler, tree enthusiast, water hound, wiggly dancer and all around tiny baby. In my perfect world he would live forever as the healthy and frolicking hound he is now. And even though I’m aware that will never happen, I’m doing my best to provide as long and lovely a life as he deserves.

Because he’s a precocious tiny mushy fur ball of fun.


HOMEMADE DOG FOOD // Hourglass & Bloom Blog


You are what you eat, as the saying goes. Well, then most of the time Wyatt is a hefty bag of Nutro Natural Choice, preferably the venison one. A few times a month, however, he’s a big bowl of homemade goodness.

Veterinarians are very enthusiastic about homemade food, when introduced appropriately. There are some things to consider though, The main concern is that pet parents, though they mean well, are not providing the appropriate amounts of calcium their dog needs. That’s why most vets will highly encourage a regimen of part store-bought food and part homemade. Store-bought food will always have enough calcium, sometimes even more than enough. Homemade food, on the other hand, ensures you know exactly what is going into your hound and ensures whole foods which are better digested for nutrient absorption.

Remember to always serve their food at room temperature, alongside plenty of water. As far as portion control goes, 1.75 cups per day per 30 lbs. is a good place to start for an active dog. Always check with your vet before introducing a homemade diet.  


HOMEMADE DOG FOOD // Hourglass & Bloom Blog

HOMEMADE DOG FOOD // Hourglass & Bloom Blog

HOMEMADE DOG FOOD // Hourglass & Bloom Blog


Below are the typical ingredients found in Wyatt’s bowl:

Chicken (baked plain or boiled, shredded): Protein needs to make up 40%, but no more than 50% of the serving

Brown Rice: A great basic starch, though there are other options (see below)

Apples (skin on): Full of Vitamins A & C, as well as fiber. Absolutely do NOT feed your dog apple cores, however, as apple seeds contain cyanide. Once or twice as an accident will most likely not affect your dog, however if eaten as a regular treat, apple cores will cause deleterious effects.

Cottage cheese: A great source of calcium, though not enough on it’s own to meet the high-calcium needs of your dog. Also a lean protein. Most dogs do well with dairy, but when first introducing it into their diet start with small amounts.

Eggs (scrambled): A source of easily digestible protein, as well as riboflavin and selenium. Make sure you’re feeding your dog cooked eggs, though, as raw egg whites can cause a biotin efficiency. Remember that a little baggie of scrambled eggs can be a great as training treats! Dogs weighing more than 25 lbs. can have a whole egg every day, though give less to smaller dogs.

Sweet Potato (white or orange): Another great source of fiber, as well as vitamins B6, C, beta carotene, and manganese. Feed small chunks of cooked sweet potato in your homemade dog food, or you can dry out thin strips in the oven and give to your hound as a chewy treat!

Carrots: Low calorie and high in fiber and beta carotene. Can be cooked, or given raw as a treat and good for their teeth!

Calcium Carbonate: 600mg per 15 pounds of body weight. If you’re mixing a homemade diet with store-bought food, however, you do not need to supplement as heavily. Most store-bought dog food has adequate or even excessive amounts of calcium and phosphorus.


Other delicious ingredients to consider including:

For starches (25% of serving): Whole grain pasta, barley, oats, beans, quinoa

For Fruits & Veggies (25% of serving): Bananas, kale, blueberries, peanut butter, melon, carrots, collard green, zucchini (remember that raw vegetables must be pureed or cooked to break down their cell walls and render them fully digestible to dogs)

For good fats: Fish oil, cod liver oil, canola oil, olive oil, safflower oil, coconut oil


HOMEMADE DOG FOOD // Hourglass & Bloom Blog

HOMEMADE DOG FOOD // Hourglass & Bloom Blog


There are SO many “people foods” out there that are perfect for your best bud, but a handful can be potentially life-threatening. Here are common foods that you should never ever give your dog:

Grapes, raisins, apple cores, cooked meat bones, raw Pacific salmon, trout, large amounts of liver, raw broccoli or cauliflower, whole leafy greens, macadamia nuts, walnuts, chocolate, tea, coffee, onions, excessive amounts of garlic

If your pooch is having any kind of respiratory problems, symptoms of arthritis, or inflammation, stay away from members of the nightshade family. This includes potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant.





Auld Lang Syne

2013 has been the best year of my life. In the time leading up to marrying the man of my dreams, I became closer to my family, made memories I will always cherish, spent much needed time in nature, met new friends and had adventures with dear old friends, and started a whole new family, a whole new adventure. I couldn’t feel more thankful nor blessed for 2013.


Starting the New Year off right: in front of a roaring fire.

AULD LANG SYNE: a year in review // via


Sunday the 10th, I’ll always remember every minute.

AULD LANG SYNE: a year in review // via


Amidst the birthdays, anniversaries, and diving head-first into wedding plans… quick trip to Seattle and some quality time with my brother and sister-in-law.

AULD LANG SYNE: a year in review // via


A pretty fun part of wedding planning: signature cocktail concocting!

AULD LANG SYNE: a year in review // via


Engagement photos by the one and only, Ryan Weeger Photography.

AULD LANG SYNE: a year in review // via


Big. Sur.

AULD LANG SYNE: a year in review // via


My sisters and BFF through the most gorgeous, amazing, thoughtful Bridal Shower Fiesta. Lots of love.

AULD LANG SYNE: a year in review // via


Took a lot of time enjoying every second of the simple things, trying to make time stop flying.

AULD LANG SYNE: a year in review // via


The best day of my life, the beginning of our great adventure.

AULD LANG SYNE: a year in review // via


Pumpkin seeds!! Can never get enough.

AULD LANG SYNE: a year in review // via


Mike and I finally got back out into nature (and hydrated with post-hike margaritas OF COURSE).

AULD LANG SYNE: a year in review // via


Our first as a family!

AULD LANG SYNE: a year in review // via

Seasons Greetings

This year I was SO excited for our first family Holiday Card! I pinned about 97 ideas, tried on 16 dresses, spent half a day looking for a shirt and bow tie for Mike, annnnnnnnnd in the end I probably took 10 seconds to tie one of my Grandma’s old scarves on Wyatt. He liked it though. He doesn’t love silk, silk loves him.

Our good friend, Steve of Bionic Pix, was awesome enough to take a Sunday afternoon JUST to let us play models in front of his talented photographer self. Wyatt and I had been practicing our best collar-bone enhancing, hip-popping, smizing poses. For real. So we all trekked out into the Ballona Wetlands (and I trekked like a champ in my 5″ heels, ya betta believe) just as golden hour descended around us. I’m overjoyed at how perfectly Steve captured the moment. Mike and I have fallen in love with Playa Del Rey ever since we moved here, and for our first Christmas card to be set in the gorgeous marshes that we drive by each day….it’s pretty rad. Lots and lots of holiday joy flood my heart every time I look at it.



Mike’s Shirt: Nordstrom, Bow-Tie: (similar one here), Jeans: Diesel, Dress: H&M (sold out, similar one here), Booties: H&M



But after the photo was done…..THEN came the decisions. On the bright side, there are so many companies that do gorgeous Holiday cards these days. Some on thick buttery paper, some on more economical glossy sheets, others in between. So how do you choose?

Well, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m a huge fan of Costco. So is my brother, he’s like….a platinum member or something. So when he told the fam about their awesome deals on cards, I mosied on over to their site and voila! They had SO many beautiful (okay, some not-s0-beautiful) designs to choose from! And the best part is, they’re 50 for $34.50! That includes a semi-custom design, custom greeting on the backside, printed return addresses on the envelope, and they’re ready within 5 to 7 days.





I do know, however, that not everyone has access to the wonderland that is a Costco warehouse. So, I’ve made a list of deals all across the internet for you naughty procrastinators. If you’re super on-top of it and already have yours in the mail, keep them in mind for next year!


WALGREENS: 40% Off All Photo Cards

SHUTTERFLY: Up to %50 Off Folded & Flat Holiday Cards

TARGET: Holiday Cards Starting At $0.44 Each

TINY PRINTS: 25% Off Entire Order, AND Delivered by Friday

COSTCO: $34.50 for a Set of 50 Holiday Cards, Including Envelopes Printed with your Return Address

CVS: 40% off Holiday Cards for Orders Over $25




I have been known amongst my family and friends as the person you may not want to bring up politics around. When Mike first told me he was an “independent” who didn’t even bother voting in the last election, I cried. I’m not kidding. I shed tears…in a restaurant, clutching a carnitas taco. I cried and then I told him that for the preservation of our at-that-time-fairly-new relationship, we best not talk about politics.

Admittedly it wasn’t one of my finest moments. But there you have it.

Don’t run away though! I promise I’m not going to slog on, posting a lecture about the importance of tonight’s debate. Rather, I’m shedding my usual serious concern for the future of America and general distaste towards uneducated lemming-like voters and instead lightening up a little!

A drinking game!




Presidential Debate Drinking Game 2012


First, choose a candidate. Or use both, if you have a hollow leg or don’t have anything to do tomorrow.

There are certain to be some key phrases thrown around a lot tonight, so go ahead and take a big swig of your adult beverage when either Obama or Romney mutter any of the following phrases:


If your candidate is ROMNEY, drink when you hear the following:




My friend(s)


Paul Ryan

The Troops



If your candidate is OBAMA, drink when you hear the following:


Let me be clear


General Motors

Fair share

The next four years

The Troops


BONUS: Everyone drinks when they feel like moving to another country.

Now, of course the words “jobs”, “debt”, and “middle-class” are going to be tossed around a lot, so only include them in your game if you’re truly masochistic and don’t plan on being a functional member of society tomorrow.






These are for everyone playing:

Any time either candidate tells an anecdote in which they met someone specific, everyone must shout “Joe the Plumber!” and finish their drinks.

If Obama talks about his childhood or youth, take a gulp from the drink of the person on your left. If Romney does the same, take a gulp from the drink of the person on your right.

If either candidate mentions the word “freedom”, everyone clinks their drinks and yells FREEDOM!

Finally, some speech-giving habits of each candidate. If one of them happens, everyone must take a sip:

For OBAMA, every time he says “my opponent” or makes that “uhhhhhhhhhhhhh” sound right before starting a sentence, you drink. Any time he makes a list of three on a rising cadence everyone must shout “three!” and drink.

For ROMNEY, every time he laughs awkwardly, you drink. Every time he asks a rhetorical question and then says “I’ll tell you why,” or “I’ll tell you the answer,” you drink whether he then goes on to do so or not.




* Please drink responsibly*