Boost Juice

Mike and I were talking about juicing the other day…the culture, the health factors, the possible insanity. My mouth may be incapable of forming the words “Juice Cleanse” or “Fasting”, but I do understand that a juice here and there can give you quite a nice little boost.

Blessed with our shiny new glorious Vitamix, I set out juicing. I knew I wanted to make a mainly green mix; something that could be added to other smoothies to give it a veggie punch, or it could be sipped on it’s own. I do love me some fiber, but for this particular recipe, I strained it out so only the liquid juice remained. Fiber is wonderful for you, but if it’s extracted, then the nutrients from all those delicious fruits and vegetables are more easily passed into your system, not out the other end. Ahem.


BOOST JUICE // Hourglass And Bloom #greenjuice #vitamix


BOOST JUICE // Hourglass And Bloom #greenjuice #vitamix


Working in batches, blend the following:

5 Pears

4 handfuls Kale

2 handfuls Cilantro

3 medium Cucumbers

2 Green Bell Peppers

Two tips: give your veggies a nice rough chop to help out the blender (I also cored the pears and bell peppers), and with each batch add about half cup of water.


BOOST JUICE // Hourglass And Bloom #greenjuice #vitamix


BOOST JUICE // Hourglass And Bloom #greenjuice #vitamix


Nearby, have a large mixing bowl beneath a colander lined with a double layer of cheese cloth. When you’re done blending each batch, pour that goopy green sludge onto the cheese cloth. The juice will begin to drain on it’s own, but you’ll definitely have to help it along. Gather up the ends of the cloth, twist the top, and squeeeeeeeeeze. This is your upper body workout for the day. Squeeze, keep on.


BOOST JUICE // Hourglass And Bloom #greenjuice #vitamix


Just don’t go thinking you’re the incredible hulk and spurt out green goop all over your counter. Oops.


BOOST JUICE // Hourglass And Bloom #greenjuice #vitamix


In the end you should have about 48oz of juice. I pack mine up in mason jars to tote with me on the go, or for easy use to splash into another smoothie. They’ll keep in your fridge for up to a week. Now, you just spent about $10 give or take on the veggies that went into it, and got four drinks. If you’re like me, every time I’ve been to Whole Foods or Mother’s for a custom juice, I’ll spend about six bucks each drink. Think of all the money your saving by doing it at home – and they’re right there in your fridge for when you want it!

Just don’t go three-day juice cleansing on me…….more deliciousness coming very soon. Cheers!


BOOST JUICE // Hourglass And Bloom #greenjuice #vitamix












Stronger, Healthier and Happier

Five very simple ways to motivate yourself to be stronger, healthier and happier. Honest, and straight from my heart. No dieting involved. Sweating and occasional vegetable eating required.



We all do it. “My hips are way to wide to wear that skirt” or “Cap sleeves make my arms look huge!” or simply, “I feel fat”. Loving yourself in the body you have at this exact moment is the first, most important, and certainly hardest step in motivating yourself to attain a healthier life. Nothing is more important that believing that you are beautiful. If you love yourself and learn to appreciate what you think are your flaws, then not only will you just be happier in general but exercising and eating healthy will become less of a chore – working out will become something fun, not a form of torture devised to make you skinnier.

I still kind of think that affirmations are silly, and I’m not telling you to take our your lipstick and write inspirational quotes on your bathroom mirror, but I do want you to end fat talk. Tomorrow morning when you get dressed, take two seconds to look at yourself and say something nice. Maybe your jeans are a little tight in the ass and maybe you’re a little pissed about that….but don’t you dare say it. First off, don’t dwell on how you look, start with how you feel……like, I feel strong! I feel refreshed! I feel loved! I feel ambitious! Feeling better already? Okay we can look to the surface now. Pay yourself a compliment…. My skin is glowing! My freckles look so summery! My hair’s so shiny! I’ve got some damn good legs! Go on, gorgeous, tell you more.

And if all else fails, take a note from the movie Spanglish and know that it’s okay to have a “desire for the comfort of fullness. [Because] when that desire is suppressed for style, and deprivation allowed to rule, then dieting, exercising American women become afraid of everything associated with being curvaceous: such as wontoness, lustfulness, sex, motherhood…..all that is best in life.”


5 STEPS TO A STRONGER, HEALTHIER, HAPPIER YOU // #healthyliving #health #fitness



Every time I come out of a slump and all of the sudden feel the need to start working out like crazy, I always jump right in and expect my body to do exactly what it’s doing in my mind. Not so much. Since when am I so out of breath? Is it all downhill from twenty-five? No, I just didn’t take any time to re-aquaint my muscles with their long-lost love of a good run.

What I’m trying to tell you is that you need to begin by working on your form. Pay close attention to your posture, your stride, the stretch of your muscles, the impact on your knees. Your body will thank you. Look for instructional illustrations like these on Women’s Health, or if you’re a member of a gym then join a few classes and don’t be afraid to ask the instructor for help!


5 STEPS TO A STRONGER, HEALTHIER, HAPPIER YOU // #healthyliving #health #fitness



I always see these little quotes on Pinterest that are all like, “Don’t reward yourself with food, you’re not a dog!” While I may not completely agree with this, possibly because of my obsession with food and general distaste for such concrete dieting rules, I can kind of understand where they’re coming from. I get that the last thing that should be on your mind during an intense sweat-fest is what you’ll be “allowed” to eat when you’re done. You should be thinking about how freaking glorious it feels to sweat out last night’s happy hour and how proud you are when you’re sore tomorrow.

Nevertheless, I still feel the need to motivate myself with something tangible. Enter: the sock aisle at Target. Have you seen all those day-glow hues in chevron, leopard, stripes, and polka dots? At a buck-fifty each, they’re not only cute but thrifty, and they’re the perfect little perk to lure me into lacing up my running shoes! I love how all the active wear has gone to highlighter hues – it’s so cheerful! What a better way to add a little sunshine to your life than a new crazy bright sports bra and a yoga session on the beach? Go on, get your cute butt down to Target and go crazy.



People stress about working out, they stress about genetically modified food, they stress about staying late at work, they stress about traffic, they stress about all that credit card debt they rang up buying Lululemon stretch-pants and whether or not it was worth it because the person behind them in spin class can see through the ass, they stress about a lot of things. Stress is a part of life that is sometimes unavoidable…..but sometimes you can totally decide for yourself that enough is enough. It’s bad for your heart, it’s bad for your head, and it is certainly not doing anything to widdle away at your waistline. So stop it already. Take a deep breath. Give yourself a manicure! Take a few extra minutes for an at-home facial! Challenge yourself to a silly yoga move you just looked up on youtube! Smile at the next person you see! It feels gooooooood.



Remember, people watching isn’t creepy if it’s done while running! Get outside, soak up some good old fashioned vitamin D and move your body a bit. If you’re a runner then your motivation is as simple as this: not only is it more challenging to run outside than on a treadmill, but you burn more calories. If you’re not a runner, you still have no excuse – take the hound for a long speed walk in a pretty park, shlep your yoga mat down to the lakeside and breath in nature’s beauty, invest in a pair of dumbbells or a kettle bell for quick outdoor workouts on your luck break! Your metabolism will thank you, and you might even start up a pretty tan too.


5 STEPS TO A STRONGER, HEALTHIER, HAPPIER YOU // #healthyliving #health #fitness



Chick Food

Chick food can mean a lot of things… this particular case it means I’m talking about chickpeas and I think I’m quite clever and really good at making semi-witty blog titles. At the same time, chickpeas are healthy, delicious, snacky, and totally fall in the “chick food” category.

The other day, I was sauntering down the snack-food aisle of my local Target, thinking very seriously about ripping a package of moon-pies off the shelf and devouring the whole thing cellophane and all, when I realized that mayyyyybe I shouldn’t. Maybe.

“But I want sweeeeeeeeeeeeets. And salty. And deliciousness.” My stomach growled.

“Oh shut it! I’ll figure something out!” I said to my grouchy stomach. Several fellow Target-shoppers were giving me a wide birth at this point, snatching their children out of my way.

But figure it out I did! That night, Pinterest beheld a beautiful little recipe of shimmering sugary balls of splendor! Sweet and salty roasted chickpeas! My sweet tooth was cured and I didn’t have to wallow in self-loathing next time I strapped on a bikini! Pinterest to save the day, as usual. God bless her.





Get down to your market and grab the following (steer clear of the moon pies):

Brown Sugar (4 tbsp.)

Olive oil (3 tbsp.)

Garbanzo Beans (2 cans)

Sea Salt (1 tbsp.)

Ground Cinnamon (2 tbsp.)

Pre-heat your oven to 450 degrees. Thoroughly rinse the beans and shake them dry. Spread them out evenly on a parchment-paper-lined baking sheet. When the oven has heated up, pop them in and set your timer for 45 minutes.

While they’re baking, whisk together the rest of your ingredients in a big bowl.




After 45 minutes, carefully pull your roasted little beauties out of the oven and sample one or two – they should be crunchy and no long soft in the center. If they’re still soft in the center, just pop them back in the oven for another ten minutes. While they’re still a bit warm, pour them into your bowl of cinnamon sugar goodness and mix it all up until each chickpea is well coated. Now you’re all done and free to snack away!









The Oil Cleansing Method

Dewy and glowing skin, free of imperfections, blackheads, pimples, and grime: every woman’s ever-elusive goal. Our quest is expensive, frustrating, and often riddled with failure.

Don’t worry, it’s all over now. Take a deep breath and relax. Today…we’re cleansing with oil.

Oil?!” you say, baffled. “Well that’s sort of counter-intuitive!

I get where you’re coming from, I do. Earlier this week I had the same reaction. But after much persuasion from a friend of mine, I gave it a try.


OIL CLEANSING METHOD , Hourglass And Bloom


Hear me out: our skin already oozes a bit of oil for protection and lubrication, but the oil that we produce gets clogged and dirty throughout the day. So we trudge home, feeling a bit icky and slick, and strip down our face with chemicals and fragrances and crap. Our poor skin is left feeling dry, desperately trying to repair its self. It’ll go into overdrive trying to replace the oils that are lost, and this often creates even more clogged pores and stress. But oil isn’t the culprit here. It’s not some mean monster to be reckoned with; our body produces it naturally, and it’s the key to beautiful, glowing skin.


So, on to the basics…you want to replace the dirty oil on your face with clean, good quality oil.


For oily skin use: 30% Castor Oil to 70% Sunflower or Grapeseed Oil

For balanced skin use: 20% Castor Oil to 80% Sunflower or Grapeseed Oil

For dry skin use: 10% Castor Oil to 90% Sunflower or Grapeseed Oil


OIL CLEANSING METHOD , Hourglass And Bloom

OIL CLEANSING METHOD , Hourglass And Bloom


Castor oil has potent anti-inflammatory and extractive properties, and is healing and cleansing. Sunflower and Grapeseed oils are thinner, but no less nurturing; they provide essential fatty acids which are necessary for cell membrane health, among other things.

So, get your personal oil cocktail ready. You don’t need to take off your makeup (that’s another incredible bonus – the oils will remove makeup too, even the most stubborn waterproof mascara!).

Begin massaging a good amount of oil into your skin in circular motions using your fingers. Keep going for a minute or two.


OIL CLEANSING METHOD , Hourglass And Bloom


Next, douse a washcloth in piping hot water, as hot as you can take it. Wring it out (carefully), and lay it over your face. The steam will open the pores and aid in releasing any impurities. Leave the cloth over your face until it’s no longer hot.


OIL CLEANSING METHOD , Hourglass And Bloom


Gently wipe the excess oil from your face with the damp cloth. Don’t rub too hard – remember that you’ve replaced the bad oils with these good ones and you want them to continue to nourish the skin.


OIL CLEANSING METHOD , Hourglass And Bloom

OIL CLEANSING METHOD , Hourglass And Bloom


You can repeat the steam once more, if you feel so inclined. I like to…just because it’s relaxing and I can pretend I’m at some fancy spa. After you’re all finished, you’ll be amazed at how vibrant your skin already looks, and ohhhh man does it feel like butter! If you don’t feel quite comfortable replacing your usual skincare routine with the oil cleansing method, just start by using it a few times a week as a bit of pampering!

For more information on the Oil Cleansing Method, visit this sliiiiiightly new-agey but very informative site.

Happy cleansing!