On The Menu

If you follow me on social media, you’ll have seen my super awesome very exciting announcement earlier this month!

But I’ll say it again, because the thrill certainly hasn’t gone from saying it…

I am going to be on an upcoming episode of TNT’s new series, On The Menu!


TNT'S On The Menu // Hourglass & Bloom


Naturally, I am a huge fan of all cooking shows. The huge downside, however, is that the most interaction I get with a show comes from me yelling at the contestants on the TV that they forgot an ingredient or didn’t cook the chicken how I would have. And after all the effort I put in as a viewer, I don’t even get to eat that gorgeous plate of food on the screen! Very upsetting indeed.

Well, that’s all about to change. On The Menu is TV’s first cooking competition show that gives viewers the chance to taste the winning dish after every episode! The always-charming Emeril Lagasse and hilarious Ty Pennington team up as the shows’ hosts, serving up laughs and wisdom in equal measures. Each episode, four passionate home cooks are tasked with creating a new and delicious dish for the menu of a popular American restaurant (such as Chili’s, Cheesecake Factory, California Pizza Kitchen, etc.). Emeril and Ty challenge the cooks with brand knowledge, creativity, kitchen savvy, and the always formidable time management! In the end, executives from each restaurant award one deserving home cook with the honor of placing their dish on menus all across the country…the very next day!


TNT'S On The Menu // Hourglass & Bloom


It is a huge honor to be a part of such an innovative show, and to have cooked alongside such talented home cooks. The episode I compete in airs November 28th, but I can’t encourage you enough to watch all season long! I hope you’re hungry!

On The Menu premiers TONIGHT, on TNT at 8:00pm ET/PT. You can watch the trailer HERE.

To learn more about TNT’s On The Menu, follow this link to the official site.


TNT'S On The Menu // Hourglass & Bloom


This Season’s Schedule:

Chili’s – October 3rd

Denny’s – October 10th

California Pizza Kitchen – October 17th

Planet Hollywood – October 24th

Emeril’s Restaurant – October 31st

The Cheesecake Factory – November 7th

Cabo Wabo/Sammy’s Beach Bar & Grill – November 14th

Outback Steakhouse – November 21st

Buca Di Beppo – November 28th

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit – December 5th





*Photos obtained from official On The Menu Facebook page*



Butter Love // www.hourglassandbloom.wordpress.com


eating // a handful of low-fat cheezits because I accidentally bought that box rather than the full-fat (ahem full-flavor) ones

drinking // agua

learning // about the spa services at our hotel this weekend! let the first anniversary celebrations begin…

finishing // the final blog post on the final part of our trip to France

reading // “The Far Sweet Thing” by Libba Bray

enjoying // the bountiful coolness from the second fan we finally bought

listening // to Spotify because I’m ten thousand years behind the times and I just discovered it’s superiority to Pandora

needing // a tan

wearing // the only Lululemon top I own, only because my old roommate gave it to me after she got tired of it

cooking // nothing at the moment, but planning an epic sandwich using leftover chicken curry from last night

working // on a love letter

traveling // to Palm Desert with my love!

thinking // back on a year ago, to our wedding…

So, that was awkward….

So, that was an awkward silence.

Instead of a thought-out-drawn-out explanation for my absence, I’ll just say…I’m back! Heyyyyyyy!


Here’s a new thing I’ll jump on the blogger bandwagon for: LISTING. A perfect way to jump bag into the thick of things over here at H&B.




eating // a hunk of French bread. well that was five minutes ago but for the sake of listing i’ll list it as present.

drinking // ohhhhhhhhmygod this AMAZING high-end Chardonnay! kidding. it’s the $4.99 Santa Barbara Chard from Trader Joe’s…

learning // about pot-pies…from Ina.

finishing // that excellent glass of wine.

reading // “Angry Housewives Eating Bon-Bons” by Lorna Landvik. It’s fairly epic.

enjoying // that cold shower I just emerged from to combat this everlasting heat.

listening // Miranda & Carrie’s new song.

needing // a dress to wear for the wedding in France next month.

wearing // my go-to of the moment: a black t-shirt dress from H&M

cooking // split-pea soup with chicken andouille for dinner! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

working // on not letting PMS get the best (i mean worst) of me.

traveling // TO FRANCE NEXT MONTH! DID I MENTION???? WE’RE GOING TO FRANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAIT BUT……………FRANCE!!!!!!!!!!

thinking // about getting six more fans in this house.






Three Things.

DIA DE LOS MUERTOS COSTUME // #hourglassandbloom

Our Halloween will be spent in lawn chairs on the driveway, handing out candy to the little’ns. That is, if Mike can keep his paws off the Twix until then. But if we DO actually go out that weekend for continuing festivities, I’m totally doing this Dia de los Muertos face (inspired by our adventures in Taste of Mexico) Gorgeous. Creepy……but gorgeous.



FEATHERS // #hourglassandbloom

Kind of missing all the wedding crafting now. Like, a lot actually. Maybe I’ll start channeling it towards Christmas though……thank god for Pinterest.



SALSA // #hourglassandbloom

When we first moved to our new apartment over the summer, I immediately sniffed out this uhhhhhmazing salsa at a nearby liquor store. Cheap, delicious, perfectly refreshing with a kick. The downside, however, is that it’s totally hit-or-miss when they have it. That’s why I’m working on a knockoff. Look for the recipe here soon!