HOURGLASS AND BLOOM #lifestyleblog

Born, raised, and still living in Southern California.

A little hound named Wyatt Earp trotted into my life two years ago and instantly became my best friend.

I could eat Mexican food every single day for the rest of my life and it would still be complete bliss.

Newlywed! Madly in love with my soul mate.

I can often be found at my parent’s house just down the road, perched at the kitchen counter with a cocktail, no doubt talking loudly about politics or food or what have you.

Lover of the outdoors.

Dreamer, hunter, gatherer, adorer of flora and fauna.

Passionate for life in slow motion and advocate of the little things.



Email: hourglassandbloom (at) gmail (dot) com

Twitter: @hourglassnbloom

Instagram: hourglassandbloom

Find my Pinterest here!



  1. Thank you for your sweet comment Nicole!! I had a look around your blog, and all I want to say is YUMMY!!!! You also have a labrador, she’s adorable! Looking forward to read more of your posts! May I also add you are very pretty! Tania x

  2. I stumbled across your blog, but then stayed awhile to explore. Your photos are beautiful! You have a talent…and the food looks amazing. I’m going to have to try out a few of the recipes.

  3. I used to live in SoCal too! I moved to Hong Kong recently so it’s such a joy being able to check in on your blog and get my weekly dose of California sunshine. You are a great photographer by the way and I am absolutely going to try some of your recipies πŸ™‚
    Samantha x

  4. Hello. Just discovered your blog and read a little bit too much when I should be doing work eeeek. Loving the photos! Bx – (alittleonesadventures.blogspot.com)

  5. Lovely! I too watch too much Food Network and imagine myself to be Julia Child’s best friend! But I don’t consider that to be a bad thing… Love the blog!

  6. Beautiful corner of the internet you have here! I am in love with your blog name and everything within it! Great inspiration for a newbie. Great distraction from the greyness of England.

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