So, that was awkward….

So, that was an awkward silence.

Instead of a thought-out-drawn-out explanation for my absence, I’ll just say…I’m back! Heyyyyyyy!


Here’s a new thing I’ll jump on the blogger bandwagon for: LISTING. A perfect way to jump bag into the thick of things over here at H&B.


eating // a hunk of French bread. well that was five minutes ago but for the sake of listing i’ll list it as present.

drinking // ohhhhhhhhmygod this AMAZING high-end Chardonnay! kidding. it’s the $4.99 Santa Barbara Chard from Trader Joe’s…

learning // about pot-pies…from Ina.

finishing // that excellent glass of wine.

reading // “Angry Housewives Eating Bon-Bons” by Lorna Landvik. It’s fairly epic.

enjoying // that cold shower I just emerged from to combat this everlasting heat.

listening // Miranda & Carrie’s new song.

needing // a dress to wear for the wedding in France next month.

wearing // my go-to of the moment: a black t-shirt dress from H&M

cooking // split-pea soup with chicken andouille for dinner! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

working // on not letting PMS get the best (i mean worst) of me.

traveling // TO FRANCE NEXT MONTH! DID I MENTION???? WE’RE GOING TO FRANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAIT BUT……………FRANCE!!!!!!!!!!

thinking // about getting six more fans in this house.







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