Three Things.

DIA DE LOS MUERTOS COSTUME // #hourglassandbloom

Our Halloween will be spent in lawn chairs on the driveway, handing out candy to the little’ns. That is, if Mike can keep his paws off the Twix until then. But if we DO actually go out that weekend for continuing festivities, I’m totally doing this Dia de los Muertos face (inspired by our adventures in Taste of Mexico) Gorgeous. Creepy……but gorgeous.



FEATHERS // #hourglassandbloom

Kind of missing all the wedding crafting now. Like, a lot actually. Maybe I’ll start channeling it towards Christmas though……thank god for Pinterest.



SALSA // #hourglassandbloom

When we first moved to our new apartment over the summer, I immediately sniffed out this uhhhhhmazing salsa at a nearby liquor store. Cheap, delicious, perfectly refreshing with a kick. The downside, however, is that it’s totally hit-or-miss when they have it. That’s why I’m working on a knockoff. Look for the recipe here soon!



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