Sweet Tunes

Selecting the melodies for our ceremony and reception has been, so far, one of my favorite parts about the whole shuhbang. Since Mike’s life revolves around and is enveloped in music, the logical choice is to pretty much let him take the reins on this one. Pretty much.

I only have a few requests so far. Just a few….



Make You Feel My Love – Adele

Making Memories Of Us – Keith Urban

You Are My Sunshine 

Thrift Shop – Macklemore

I Need You – Faith Hill & Tim McGraw

Can’t Help Falling In Love – Ingrid Michaelson

Chicken Fried – Zac Brown

Wildflowers – Tom Petty

Jump in the Line – Harry Belafante

Dream a Little Dream of Me – Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong




There’s a favor I need to ask you though. Pretty please? I can’t think of a single song I’d like for the bouquet toss! Not one! Help a sister out, would ya? Thanks.

Hourglass & Bloom




  1. Man I Feel Like a Woman or Girls Just Want to have Fun. or something equally as cheesy and girly 🙂 Or a version of Lets Hear it for the Boy replaced with girl?

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