Three Things.

Three Things // hourglass&bloom

In my ongoing fight against the urge to say “Fuck it, I’m just gonna wear Spanx”, I’ve discovered yet another darling little sweet-tooth remedy: chocolate coconut water and farm-stand strawberries. I vehemently hate regular coconut water, but was more than shocked when I tasted the chocolate version – it’s actually……..good.





Three Things // hourglass&bloom

Planning my own wedding has been so fun and frustrating and tedious and eye-opening and mostly fun but yes those other things too. I’m lucky to have a very supportive husband-to-be and incredible family and group of friends who have all been so helpful, but I often stop myself and think “STOP thinking about it, stop talking about it. Don’t be one of those girls who only talks about her wedding!” But really, I don’t care because this time….our engagement…the planning of this one big day…all of it will last but 184 more days. I want to savor every single last drop of it, from remembering the look on his face when he proposed to addressing invitations together to decisions about caterers and cocktails to moving in to our first apartment. All of it.





Three Things // hourglass&bloom

This hound. His face. His dance moves. His kisses. His expressions. His ability to always make me laugh. His friendship. His trust. I’m a lucky lady.



What’s been going on in your life this week?



  1. I freakin’ hate coconut water too. And perhaps if I can find a totally tiny bottle of this chocolate kind, MAYBE i’ll be willing to try it.

  2. No on the coconut milk…no matter the flavor!!
    Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses! Take a deep breath…if nothing else, your hound will get you through it! 🙂

  3. Nmmmm chocolate coconut water Sounds delicious. And don’t let anyone tell you to stop talking about the wedding. You only do it once so make the most of it. We would all love to hear more.

  4. I’ve just discovered your blog, I’ve now followed! I’m definitely going to check out chocolate coconut water, I mean how can I not try this? It would be just wrong! Oh and congratulations on your engagement I know when I plan my big day I will be a complete bridezilla haha xx

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