Bold, cherry-red lips. All-American.



No matter how many different types of lip-coloring utensils I try, none of them really seem to work as well as I initially may hope. Balms labeled “Outlast” can’t quite outlast an hour or two, colored glosses are never a deep enough hue, and traditional lipstick only ends up sticking to my teeth.

Eventually I found myself standing, frustrated, under the bright fluorescent lights of the cosmetics aisle in Target. It was there that I made the happiest discovery…

Revlon’s line of Just Bitten lip crayons have become my absolute hands-down favorite. The gel based lip stain leaves the perfect pigment and lasts for hours, while the nourishing moisture stick leaves your lips feeling soft as a baby’s behind.



I’ve had my deep berry colored Just Bitten for nearly a year now, so I thought it might be time to shake things up a little. Enter: Gothic red. It turns out a very pretty cherry-crimson, darkening even more with a heavy-handed application.

They come in an array of gorgeous colors and are a steal at just $7.99!


Two-Toned Denim Shirt: Forever21

Leggings: Nordstrom

Lipcolor: Revlon Just Bitten, “Gothic”

Sunglasses: Thrifted



  1. Thanks for the tip! Love bright red lips too, but you’re right that if the lipstick or gloss is crappy you end up looking like your 7th Grade english teacher who always had lipstick on her teeth and chin. Your dog is adorable too!

    • Rachel – I totally feel you. I didn’t start wearing much lip color until this past year or two….mainly for the same reason. It really does give a finished, bright, feminine look, and doesn’t have to be some dark or crazy color. I (obviously) suggest tryin’ this one out!


  2. The red is definitely your color! I love my “Passion” hot pink Bitten lipstick. It really pops out, and sticks for hours without you having to worry about touching up anything 🙂 Revlon did a great job with this line, and with such a price, who could resist? 😉

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