Twenty Five and Some Wishes

I’m a winter child. I was expected to greet the world somewhere mid-November that year, but I strongly preferred my mom’s cozy belly to a stark, frigid hospital. Sorry I’m not sorry.

So my birthday falls in December, nestled in with wreaths and ribbons and carols and tidings of joy. As a little girl, I’d start writing out my wish list well before Halloween. It changed every 30 seconds or so, but I diligently scrawled things like “Barbie Corvette” and “Littlest Petshop” and “Polly Pocket” on a pad of paper and handed it over to my parents. Between my birthday and Jesus’, the unwrapping odds were in my favor.

I’m turning a quarter century young this year, and I firmly believe that’s not a minute too old to still be penning a wishlist. It just may look a little different, changed by age and warped by economy. Truly though, if a long, laughter-filled family dinner could be wrapped up in a package, that’s what I’d want. I’d be delighted, too, with a spur-of-the-moment road trip to nowhere in particular with the love of my life. If I could be gifted a wand that would magic away stress from the people I love, that would top the list – kind of like, if I could bake a cake out of rainbows and smiles and everyone could eat from it and be happy. Don’t get me wrong though, the Prada saffiano tote might be found in queue too – a girl’s got to dream!

So, in honor of a little girl reaching a quarter of a century, here’s my written-well-before-Halloween-birthday-and-yuletide-wish-list:



A bike to call my very own. With a basket, obviously for toting a bottle of champagne or even perhaps my Labrador if he weighed approximately 5 lbs. Which, he doesn’t.



Champagne. Of course.



A gorgeous frock from the Topshop line that has FINALLY come to Nordstrom. It’s simple, elegant, universal, and should absolutely be mine.



A big, boisterous family dinner around a table groaning under all my favorite treats: linguine al vongole, heaps of roasted vegetables, creamy burrata and the most ripe tomatoes, thick bloody rare steaks, briny oysters on ice, and maybe even a little platter of fried chicken (sshhhhhhh!!).  We’d laugh and drink until our cheeks were flushed and our bellies were stuffed.




Chanel Chance. I haven’t worn this scent since I was a teenager and I miss it. It’s girly and floral, it’s sophisticated and elegant. Timeless, really.




A pair of black Hunter wellies. (Pssssst…..I happen to know they’re already tucked away at my parent’s house…)



A day where the man and I just hop in the car and start driving. We’d talk and listen to music until it was finally time to stop. Then we’d set up a little camp and pretend we were gypsies, lying by a smoky crackling fire as a cool breeze rustled the pines above.



The Prada saffiano. Just, because. I mean…look.



These note cards.  



A flight across the Atlantic, a long winding drive through wistful cypress trees and sleepy vineyards, and at last sitting down on a little terrace in Positano, Italy…to take in this view.





 What are your holiday wishes?






    • A young lady can dream, no?
      Imagine if the champagne was wrapped in the tote, and the tote was tucked in the basket of the bike, and we all had one of these bikes, and we were cruising down a path in Italy somewhere, wearing pretty Topshop dresses.

      Just the wish itself makes me happy!


  1. I was totally into the Littlest Pet Shop as a kid! And today at age 22, I wouldn’t say no to anything on your list! But I really want a road bike…would love to get into cycling as a hobby.

    Do you have updated rule for tonight’s presidential debate drinking game? 😉

  2. Well happy ‘almost birthday’ planning! I was 25 this yr too. Wish I had made a list like this… I LOVE the topshop dress and bike. To die for. I can only dream of that beautiful bag though, sadly, well out of my price range!! I can live it hope that one day I might miraculously win the lottery though?! Who knows!! 🙂

    • Oh that bag (and Italy and probably that particular bike) are very much just dreamy wishes for me! But, maybe if I start saving now, Prada can be mine by my 50th? Haha!
      Happy belated birthday to you!

  3. Ah I’ve just made my Birthday list (my Bday’s at the end of next month & I’ll be 31… you’re never too old for a good old Birthday list!), may need to update it a little now… And I was sat on that very terrace at the Sirenuse in Positano drinking champagne just a month and a half ago – to be back there right now *sigh* x
    Ps LOVE your blog!

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  5. Quite frankly the best list in the history of the world.
    In fact I’m tempted just to print it out and stick it on the fridge as a very subtle hint to my husband!!

    He already bought the shallot cards in Harvey Nic’s and thought they were hilarious. He’s a keeper.

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