I have been known amongst my family and friends as the person you may not want to bring up politics around. When Mike first told me he was an “independent” who didn’t even bother voting in the last election, I cried. I’m not kidding. I shed tears…in a restaurant, clutching a carnitas taco. I cried and then I told him that for the preservation of our at-that-time-fairly-new relationship, we best not talk about politics.

Admittedly it wasn’t one of my finest moments. But there you have it.

Don’t run away though! I promise I’m not going to slog on, posting a lecture about the importance of tonight’s debate. Rather, I’m shedding my usual serious concern for the future of America and general distaste towards uneducated lemming-like voters and instead lightening up a little!

A drinking game!




Presidential Debate Drinking Game 2012


First, choose a candidate. Or use both, if you have a hollow leg or don’t have anything to do tomorrow.

There are certain to be some key phrases thrown around a lot tonight, so go ahead and take a big swig of your adult beverage when either Obama or Romney mutter any of the following phrases:


If your candidate is ROMNEY, drink when you hear the following:




My friend(s)


Paul Ryan

The Troops



If your candidate is OBAMA, drink when you hear the following:


Let me be clear


General Motors

Fair share

The next four years

The Troops


BONUS: Everyone drinks when they feel like moving to another country.

Now, of course the words “jobs”, “debt”, and “middle-class” are going to be tossed around a lot, so only include them in your game if you’re truly masochistic and don’t plan on being a functional member of society tomorrow.






These are for everyone playing:

Any time either candidate tells an anecdote in which they met someone specific, everyone must shout “Joe the Plumber!” and finish their drinks.

If Obama talks about his childhood or youth, take a gulp from the drink of the person on your left. If Romney does the same, take a gulp from the drink of the person on your right.

If either candidate mentions the word “freedom”, everyone clinks their drinks and yells FREEDOM!

Finally, some speech-giving habits of each candidate. If one of them happens, everyone must take a sip:

For OBAMA, every time he says “my opponent” or makes that “uhhhhhhhhhhhhh” sound right before starting a sentence, you drink. Any time he makes a list of three on a rising cadence everyone must shout “three!” and drink.

For ROMNEY, every time he laughs awkwardly, you drink. Every time he asks a rhetorical question and then says “I’ll tell you why,” or “I’ll tell you the answer,” you drink whether he then goes on to do so or not.




* Please drink responsibly*




      • It should be a crime NOT to watch! And I also wish they happened earlier in the election season (alternatively, that election season wasn’t so long; can’t believe this has been going on for over a year!). The debates have so much more substance than campaign rallies, which just appeal to the emotions of people who are already decided!

        In other news, my best friend and I adore your blog 🙂

      • Haha I agree, I love it and I believe it’s so important, but it’s a bit exhausting! Except for when you’re armed with a bit of tequila, of course.

        Just took a peek at your blog and ummmm you’re gorgeous miss! And charging through your surgery process like a champ! Where in California are you?


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