MB Post

I’m admittedly a bit of a ridiculous nerd when it comes to chefs, dining, cocktails, and comestibles in general. Chefs are a bit like celebrities to me.

Chef David Le Fevre and his new-ish restaurant MB Post are both James Beard Award nominees…which, for those of you who don’t know, is a lot like being in the running to win the shining golden Oscar of the culinary world. Suffice it to say that when I met David a while back, my cheeks flushed and I was able to choke out only a few giddy sentences….. my boyfriend rolled his eyes and laughed. We were just leaving our first dining experience at MB Post, and though the food was beyond excellent, we happened to have had a rogue waitress. I NEVER complain, never send back my plate, never call for a manager – years of my own experience waitressing makes me cringe at the thought! But that night was a different case, and my heart broke to have to admit that to this chef. But his poise and apparent passion, along with the professionalism of his staff, left us knowing we would be back very soon.

And we did return! This time around, we arrived amidst an ongoing heat-wave on a sultry Saturday afternoon, happy to post up in the cool, airy dining room. All around us, tables were bursting with laughter and chatter, patrons sipped massive bloody marys from mason jars and happily munched on biscuits and griddle cakes and such.













Knowing that MB Post offers “small plates”, we started with just a couple of items…sure that we’d make our way around the menu bit by bit.

When the bacon-cheddar-buttermilk biscuits with soft maple butter were set down between us, it took all I could muster not to gobble them both and arm-wrestle Mike for the crumbs. Need I say more? Then, bubbling away in a little cast-iron skillet next to the biscuits was a wee stack of bacon with rosemary, brown sugar, and chili. It was bacon…but better, if that’s possible.













At this point, we strongly considered cancelling the rest of our order and replacing it with about 47 more cheddar biscuits and a vat of maple butter…but decided against it. And good thing, because what arrived next was the most perfect platter of truffle honey laced fried chicken with a lightly-creamy kholrabi slaw. The chicken was moist and flavorful, and that crisp fried crust drizzled with a delicate stream of honey was outta this world! To top off the whole thing, we orderd a tin of salty herbaceous fingerling potatoes with home-made lemon buttermilk ranch for dipping and double-dipping.













We were soon stuffed to the gills with brunch and cocktails, and gave serious thought to taking a small siesta at the table. Having been raised with some small about of manners, I instead mustered up the energy to eventually wobble out like a pudgy penguin, already dreaming of our next date here.






1142 Manhattan Ave.


Manhattan Beach, CA 90266


Reservations for dinner are strongly suggested, though the communal tables are usually a good bet.









  1. I MUST try this place!! The food looks wonderful and I too like small bites. The way everything was served and attention to detail looks soooo good! Your blog leaves me HUNGRY! 🙂

  2. This looks amazing! I pass through Manhattan all the time and I’ve heard great things but have never tried it out – definately will now!!

    Gorgeous photos, btw!

    – K

  3. ummm I think I just ran through your entire blog in the last day and I loveeeee it! Also, after hearing your personal recommendation for MB Post and then seeing these pictures, I’ll definitely be dragging Jennie and our friends there for my birthday. Thank you!!

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