Little Latergrams

Pardon, but where did the weekend go?

Well, it’s back to another monday. The click-clack of a keyboard and bad coffee from the breakroom. Blaring phones and frigid air conditioning. To salvage my sanity, I keep the front door open so I get a full view of the sunlit magnolia tree just outside. She’s gorgeous.

It was a weekend jam-packed with wiltingly hot temperatures, steak grilling, dining out and cocktails, sleeping in, a few errands, a new music studio for my man, the discovery of a fantastic wine depot tucked away in a stripmall, chilled bottles of rose, mounds of pasta at an italian place we’ve meant to dine at forever, and unfortunately my camera remained stowed throughout it all!  My trusty iPhone, however, never fails to snap a few shots here and there!

I have grand plans to share some scrumptious little nibbles this week, and even a crafty DIY! Until then, a glimpse of the weekend and past few weeks from my Instagram lense will have to suffice. Latergrams, so to speak. Little square snippets of latergrams.



If you haven’t already, come take a peek and follow my Instagram account: hourglassandbloom




Prosecco + Friday = Magic

(Then came the afore-mentioned heaps of pasta)

Goodwill has become one of my absolute favorite activities. Ask anyone, I seem to have a knack for treasure hunting!

MINE! Too bad I have to exercise patience and wait until my birthday…………..


Girls night with my best! I made a very simple “salad” of spicy chicken sausage, fresh basil, and heirloom tomatoes…………..maybe a blog post on this one soon, it was SO delicious!

Date night!


Election season puts my Dad in an even MORE patriotic spirit than usual. And I love it.

Hourglass&Bloom gets mail! A very generous package from the people of High West in Utah. Hand blown sippin’ glasses!!



A manhattan with vanilla, caramel, and bacon dust! Ummmmmmm YES please.



Did you all have a fun weekend? What did you do?






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