Endless Summer

Labor Day weekend marks the “end of summer”. For most.

Quirky back-to-school commercials litter the television programming, a chill in the dead of night wakes you to reach for extra covers, a cable-knit sweater peeks temptingly from the back of the closet, hell even the pumpkin spice latte is already back at Starbucks!

This holiday weekend I was determined to soak up every golden morsel of sunshine, lay in the grass with my family, splash about in the ocean chop, drink in gallons of frosty white wine, and graze all afternoon like a plump little piggy. We banished our gym shoes and took  up paddleboarding for an afternoon. We spread out a glorious picnic on the lawn of our Central Park, dancing until our feet hurt at the free concert.

We usurped my parent’s poolside deck, and the men smoked cigars while the ladies dangled our ankles in the cool water, admiring the garden or “arguing” over politics. I eluded the hot confinement of the kitchen by day – but when the breeze swept through after sunset on saturday, I whipped up a nutty israeli couscous and some falafel, which was eaten on the patio by candle-light.

We set up camp in a little cove on Monday. Champagne and fresh berries, sand between our toes, crackers and charcuterie, the sound of thundering swell smacking the rocks, and eventually a calmer sea more suitable for swimming and splashing about. When we finally felt crisped by the sun and the snacks had disappeared and the bottles run dry, we shook the sand from our bikinis and retreated to Nick’s in Laguna Beach for dinner, winding down to the end of the most perfect endless summer weekend.




Don’t think that California has yielded it’s last glory days! I have the feeling that early autumn will be the best of all.


What did you do for the holiday weekend?


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