Once Upon a Time in Utah….

It was a weekend of meeting new friends, re-uniting with old friends, sleeping in, room service, lounging around in the hot dry sun near an oasis of a pool, hungover brunches, romance, dancing, and skirting around the finnicky laws of consuming alcohol in the state of Utah. It was a destination wedding. It was vacation.

After a short flight and a few we-are-on-vacation-bloody-marys, we landed safely in Salt Lake City. Already sweating in the arid heat, we were immediately whisked away in the comfort of my friend’s air conditioned car to our first destination: Park City. An aspen-like resort town by winter, the streets of Park City seemed quiet and deserted on that late-summer Friday. To satisfy our growling tummies, we popped in to a little place called High West, and settled on their shaded patio for lunch. It was so lovely- the interior of the restaurant was rustic and had the charm of an old mining-town saloon. More importantly, it is the oldest distillery in Utah, and features it’s own home-made whiskeys and vodka! Hearing this, I was itching to take a look at their cocktail menu. I was certainly not disappointed.





I ordered the High West Lemonade – they make their own lemonade concoction infused with cinnamon, clove, vanilla and nutmeg to compliment the double rye whiskey. It. Was. Delicious.

And the food? Oh my.





Buffalo burgers, thick golden liberally salted fries, a BLT built with gorgeous heirloom tomatoes and served with warm tomato soup for dipping.

After we consumed all that we could and were topped off with bourbon, we took to the streets to walk it all off. The shops here are gorgeous, though obscenely over priced. We peeked in to several, and window shopped the wares of others. We stopped in one more cozy chalet for a quick glass of wine, and then it was back down the hill to Salt Lake, and the luscious air conditioning of our hotel.

Mike and I had booked a room at the Little America Hotel, which turned out to be far more grand than it’s name. Our room was enormous for the mere $99 per night they charge – two separate sitting areas, quaint dining table, gorgeous writing desk, king-size been laden with soft comforters, and a very luxurious bathroom. It was a lovely retreat. We spent a good chunk of the weekend lazing around their outdoor garden pool (they have two).




Besides lounging poolside and pre-wedding cocktail hours with  friends, there was a bit of exploring to be done! Mike and I took to the streets and plodded through the heat, stopping to admire seemingly historical landmarks and such. There were beers to be had at the charming Trolley Square. There were macarons and cupcakes from a little shop in a hotel across the street. There were gardens and parks and rides on public transportation. Salt Lake City was turning out to be more charming than I had ever expected!



Yes, he’s quite mature, I assure you.


After all of the tom-foolery, a wedding was to be had. My date wore a handsome suit and I wore a pretty dress. We toasted with room-service wine, called a taxi, and were off!





It was gorgeous.

SHE was gorgeous.

I cried, I danced, I drank, I ate, I laughed, I marveled at love. I shared a beautiful night with my friends and with the man of my dreams.







We got home late Sunday night, but in my mind I’m still on vacation.






  1. gosh, what a genuinely lovely post. you look gorgeous in that dress, the food looks wonderful, we-are-on-vacation-bloody-marys are the best sort of bloody mary’s, and it looks like you had such a great time with your friends! great post! 🙂

    • Thank you so much Holly! If I weren’t sitting in a cubicle working away right now, even a because-it’s-wednesday-morning BM would be nearly as delicious. Damn work.
      Anyways, I just popped on over to your blog and am lovin’ it so far!
      Chat again soon?


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