It was a very, very difficult afternoon of lazing by the pool with a glass of wine; a slow warm burn on the back of my calves as I leafed through a Pottery Barn catalogue, then Sunset magazine. A whisp of a breeze rippled the surface of the pool, and sailboats rocked sleepily along docks in the distance. I watched a toddler flop about in his water-wings, giggling at himself. Mike was stretched out beside me, alternating between reading a book and staring off into the afternoon sun.

Eventually we dragged our sun-drenched selves back into the crisp air-conditioning of the apartment, and I started on dinner. Four hours early.  See, I knew this marinade would boast it’s most successful outcome if given the chance to work for several hours; and most importantly, I had never made anything remotely Thai before and wanted to allow extra time for myself……just……in case.

I have been craving Thai food like mad for weeks now, but the unfamiliar spices and techniques of the far-east tropics have always seemed too daunting for my own kitchen. I was in luck though, when my mother recommended a simple-sounding Thai inspired marinade that she saw on a recent episode of The Chew. (View the full recipe here)

Earlier that morning, I had popped on over to the local market and picked up a few plump shrimp and chicken breasts, a couple cans of organic coconut milk, some curry powder, and lemongrass. I had the recipe in front of me, but took a chance on some minor simplifying adjustments:

Coconut Curry Marinade

2 cans organic coconut milk

Salt and Pepper to taste (approx. 1 tbsp each)

2 tbsp garlic powder

4-5 tbsp Sriracha

5 stalks lemongrass (or 2-3 tbsp pre-made lemongrass: find it next to the herbs in your market)

5 tbsp curry powder


I whisked this all together in two dishes, one for the shrimp and one for the chicken. Covering them in tinfoil, I popped the dishes in the refrigerator until dinnertime.

Coming back to the kitchen a few hours later, I decided on making little skewers of the chicken, keeping them as drenched in the marinade as possible as I set them on the grill. For the shrimp, you may choose to wrap them up in foil packets with a very good amount of the marinade and set on the back of the grill, or skewer them as well! I did both!

I served the heaping plate of coconut-curry-skewers with brown rice and roasted broccoli, and we set out on the patio as the sun melted away, the soulful croon of Doc Watson in the background.  



    • Mine TOO. Now I wish I could find some incredible little hole-in-the-wall spot near me for when I dont want to mess around with lemongrass and curry in my own kitchen! I’ll find a good place one of these days, I just know it.

      Thanks for reading ladies!

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