A 10 PM Breakfast…

Well, sometimes one does not eat until much later than the standard, acceptable, American dinner time.

I call it being very European.

Some others call it being slightly odd, or um, lazy, or forgetful.

After a long, DELICIOUS massage yesterday evening, the last thing I wanted to go home and do was………anything. So I lazed about for a bit, basking in the soothing smell of the botanical oils seeping into my skin, flitting through channels of boring Wednesday-night programming, and generally doing nothing. Until my stomach rudely interrupted, giving a noisy announement that it was in need of a bit of a nosh…

Happily, my fridge was (at least partially) stocked!

I grabbed a package of wee baby heirloom tomatoes, a zucchini, spinach, and a carton of big brown eggs. And a skillet. And a knife. And oh, some ricotta cheese! And my glass of wine! You get the picture. Below is the recipe for your very own, delicious and nutritious night-owl breakfast : FRITTATA!

I used:

6 medium brown cage-free eggs (please feel free to subsitute with egg whites….in which case you will need about 8 or 9 eggs yolk-less)

2 cups of roughly chopped baby tomatoes

1 zucchini, chopped

1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

3/4 cup of non-fat ricotta cheese (from Trader Joes!)

1 cup spinach, fresh

Freshly ground pepper, garlic, oregano, hot chili flakes – a pinch or so of each!

Approximately 899 total calories, making each serving (let’s say 1/4 of the pie) 225 calories! This includes 9 g fat per serving – the fat here comes from the egg yolks and the olive oil, so feel free to subsitute egg whites and another cooking oil if you please. Happily, there are 15 g protein per serving! Not to mention the fabulous vitamins!

First, pre-heat your oven to 400 degrees. Then, give a rough chop to those veggies (mix and match with whatever you have in your fridge, of course. This would be delicious with mushrooms, broccoli, eggplant…anything that YOU like. It’s in your refrigorator after all!). Toss the veggies only (leave out the spinach until later) into a NON-STICK skillet with a splash of olive oil, add some seasonings, and bring to a medium heat. Stir occasionally. Pour yourself a glass of wine, if you haven’t already.

(pardon my horrid iPhone photos……again with the laziness as I did not reach for the Canon……will do in future, I pink promise)

Now, as your veggies are simmering away, crack your eggs into a mixing bowl and add the ricotta cheese. I season my eggs as well as the veggies because…..well I just do. Give the whole thing a light wisk until it’s mostly blended. Don’t beat these eggs to death darling, you want your frittata light and airy as possible!

Add your eggs (and now the spinach) to the simmering skillet…

Stir in from the edges occasionally. When the eggs look partly cooked and partly runny (about 5 minutes on a medium flame), pop the skillet into your oven and bake until you can see the top starting to turn a beautiful golden. Then……take it out, shimmy it onto a cutting board, and dig in!

I prefer mine with some Tapatio hot sauce. And, another glass of wine.



Pleased to meet-cha!

I have the feeling that this wee corner of my cottage will play a BIG role in this blog…………